In May of 2015, I graduated with honours from the Video Game Design and Development course at triOS College in Hamilton and have been working in the industry since. Video games, however, have always been a passion of mine. From the day my parents brought home a strange box called the "Nintendo" to late night Minecraft builds more recently, games have been a lifelong passion. Below are some examples from my work, both in my working and educational career.

Quest Milton!

Milton Public Library

Contributions: Project Manager, Game Designer, Sound Design and Digital Marketing

    Mayhem in Single Valley

    Fluxscopic Inc.

    Contributions: Project management, dialogue and storywriting, game design, marketing, microsite design.

      Star Pirates

      SHG Studios

      Contributions: Mission Writing/Design, User Acquisition, Marketing


        I have been playing music for almost two decades. With years of experience in song-writing, performance, production, and editing, I have brought these skills forward into my Video Game Design career. Below are some samples of my audio work. Enjoy!

        2022 Demo Reel



        The Pits! - The main theme from Quest Milton. This one was inspired by whimsical sounding themes like Plants v.s Zombies or The Sims.

        Star Pirates Infinity - The menu theme and main theme for Star Pirates Infinity (SHG Studios)

        Scions of Terra - The theme for the faction "Scions of Terra," a group of military ruthless military strategists that descended from ancient humans.

        Outlaws (Battle) - The in-game battle theme for the faction "Outlaws," a rag-tag band of lawless bounty hunters and thieves with a strange obsession for leather jackets.

        Carnage Begins - The music that greets players at the loading screen of Badlands - Max Carnage (SHG Studios)

        Maximum Carnage! - The "Boss Theme" from Badlands - Max Carnage (SHG Studios.) Lots of dissonance and intense percussion create a sense of urgency and uneasiness.

        Discord - A track designed to act as a Menu Theme; not too overwhelming, but interesting enough to draw your attention

         Menu Overture - This was born from the musical nerd part of me. Basically, the main menu theme would act as an overture for the rest of the music appearing in the levels of the game. Overtures tend to focus on a central theme, but borrow musical motifs from the rest of the songs in the opera.

         Desolate Waste - And here is one of those songs. This one draws inspiration from Ennio Morricone and is designed for a desert-type level. The trumpet carrying notes into the downbeat of each bar is an example of one of my favourite things to do - drive the listener insane. The lead instrument sounds as if it is in a completely different rhythm than everything else, but stays in time.




        • Over 20 years of experience as a performing musician and teacher
        • Experience in live performance, production, recording, mixing and mastering of music of all genres and styles
        • Excellent knowledge of DAWs such as Pro Tools, Reason, Mixcraft, and Audacity
        • Experience in sound effects and foley for video games.
        • Experience in voice acting for video games
        • Experience in background music and ambience for video games

        Marketing/Game Design


        • Knowledge of digital marketing strategies such as paid acquisition, engagement strategies and monetization strategies
        • Knowledge of marketing with social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
        • Advanced knowledge of segmentation software such as Delta DNA to analyze KPIs
        • Knowledge of programming languages C#, C++, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS and AS3
        • Knowledge of software such as Unity, Unreal, and Eclipse
        • Experience in Product Management and User Acquisition of existing games
        • Creation and management of design documents for new and existing games, including monetization strategies and level design
        • Experience in game balancing, testing, and Q.A.



        • Advanced knowledge of Agile-Scrum methodologies
        • Advanced knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
        • Advanced knowledge of graphics editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop
        • Experience as Health and Safety Coordinator in both factory and office settings
        • Knowledge of Ontario WSIB standards and protocols


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